Horse Back Problems

Looking After Your Horse's Back

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No padding, no waffle just 35 pages of facts and practical help illustrated with many diagrams and photographs and based on the experience of a very busy and successful animal therapist.

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Horse Back Problems - Looking After Your Horse's Back

You can learn how to avoid, or even fix, a back problem in your horse

All about Horse back problems


Learn how to assess your horse's general mobility as he walks and trots up and down the yard.


There is a large self-help section, which will teach you to assess your horse's back, how to feel the muscles in the horse's back and recognise the early signs of soreness, tension or muscle spasm.


Learn how your horse's conformation could affect his performance.


Learn about correct foot balance and whether your horse's feet are comfortable or whether he could have foot pain.


Learn whether your saddle could be helping or hindering your horse.

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Learn how to perform some useful massage techniques... this book tells you exactly how to massage your horse.


Learn how to perform mobility exercises that will improve your horse's suppleness.


There is also guidance on general management of horses to ensure that your horse's back stays healthy and in good working order.


Written by a qualified animal therapist, horse owner and rider for horse owner/riders

How to identify and help your own horse problems including horse back problems, back pain, mobility, lameness and saddle fit problems.

Did you know that: Nearly everything can affect your horse's back?

His conformation, his shoeing, his fitness, the saddle that he wears, his training, as well as what you expect of him. Yet, many back problems can go unnoticed or can sometimes result in the horse being labeled "difficult".

A horse will alter the way it moves, carries or balances itself in order to compensate for any injury (however slight), poorly fitting saddle, badly balanced feet, bad rider position(!), a bump, a strain, landing heavily whilst jumping, a twist, a slip, a fall or even if he has just "tweaked" something.

This often results in excess strain to parts of the horse's back and, even after the original cause has gone, can show up in a change in the horse's performance or behaviour.

Is your saddle your horse's biggest problem?
Learn a simple technique to discover whether your saddle is causing problem pressure points which could bruise your horse's back.

Are YOU the pain in your horse's back?
Putting a weight (you!) on a horse's back alters its balance, centre of gravity and biomechanics. The best riders do not interfere with the horse's movement allowing the horse to carry itself and the rider efficiently. You can learn more about your riding technique and how to help your horse carry you more easily.

Are you concerned about some aspect of your horse's behaviour when ridden?
Tack shy? Won't stand still for mounting? Bucking/rearing? Hopping in trot? Disunited canter? Other changes in it's normal performance?

Equitation problems, poor performance or behavioural problems could all be back related

Jill has seen a substantial number of horses whose problems could have been helped or even avoided if their owners had a little more knowledge.

Horse owners are always asking her what they can do to better look after their horses' backs and help their horses to be happy in their work and perform better.

There are many things a horse owner can do to help look after their horses' backs and Jill has put the answers to many questions about back problems, equine lameness and other performance problems in an e-book "Looking After Your Horse's Back".

This practical e-book will:-

  • explain how your horse's back works
  • teach you what factors can adversely affect it
  • show you what you can do to help your horse's back
  • teach you exactly how to assess your horse's back
  • show you how to recognise early signs of problems
  • teach you how to improve your horse's mobility
  • show you how to massage your horse
  • show you how to perform mobility exercises that improve your horse's suppleness

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