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Animal back specialist - Jill Firth

Animal Health Articles

The following articles were written by Jill Firth PGDip AM (Dist), Cert Ed. Click on the title to read the whole article.

Equine Gastric Ulcers

Stomach ulcers in horses are far more common than people realise. This article explains some of the causes and symptoms of horse ulcers as well as how they are diagnosed and treated. Once a horse has had ulcers they are often prone to re-occur so there is also information about how equine ulcers can be managed or even prevented. Read more...

Animal Behaviour

Animals are born with certain behaviours "hot wired" into their brains. All other behaviours are learned in response to outside stimuli. These behaviours can change over time, as a response to the animal's environment and can make the animal well behaved or not! Bad behaviour should always be questioned as to why it is occurring. Read more...

Arthritis and Joint Supplements

A summary of the results of Jill's study into the effectiveness of an oral joint supplement in improving mobility, increasing stride length and reducing lameness in horses and ponies. Read more...

Complementary Therapies

Not very long ago, complementary, or alternative therapies as they are more often referred to, were regarded with scorn and suspicion by much of the veterinary profession. Examples include acupuncture, homoeopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and herbs etc. Today, these "alternative" modalities are becoming widely accepted and respected as viable companions to traditional veterinary medicine. They are more correctly referred to as "complementary therapies," and should be used in conjunction with, (to complement) traditional veterinary medicine. Read more...

Lameness In Horses

As part of good horse care and keeping horses in good health, recognising the early signs of lameness usually ensures a speedy recovery. This is an introduction to lameness in horses, the signs and symptoms and how to tell which leg is affected. It also gives information on how to consider a differential diagnosis, for example whether the lameness could be attributed to back problems in horses. Read more...

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